#54, BLDG-45, 10thkhoroo, Sukhbaatar District, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


A Bit About Me


2013-   Doctorate of Art Critic, School of Mongolian Language and Culture, National University of Mongolia

2012     Master of Art History, School of Mongolian Language and Culture, National University of Mongolia

2009     Bachelor Degree, School of Fine Arts at the Mongolian University of Arts and Culture



2016-2017        Working at Association of Mongolian Artist 

2018                 Art Teacher at English School of Mongolia

2019-               Art Teacher at Elite International School


Solo Exhibitions:

2020     The Love-Хайр, V.Bronshtyen Art Gallery, Irkutsk, Russia 

2019     The Love-Хайр, Khan Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

2018     Weightless Blank, Bio Amidral Store, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2017     Cycle, Art Decor Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia        

2017     Crescendo, UMA Art Gallery and Shangri-La Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

2016     Metamorphosis-2, 976 Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2015     Metamorphosis, Hyundai Art Gallery, Daejeon, Korea

2015     FREE will, Red Ger Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia                                                                                    2011 Don`t be afraid, The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 


Joint exhibitions: 

2019     The Presence, Sengeragi Art Gallery, UB, Mongolia 

2019     INFINI, Space zero Art Gallery, Tokyo, Japan

2016     Mythology, Orda Art Gallery, Ulan-Ude, Russia

2014     Passport Art Festival, MBC Art Gallery, Daejeon, Korea                                                                                     2014            Be Anda, Bongsan Art Centre exhibition hall, Korea  

2013     Performance, Healing Art, Cheong Do exhibition opening, Korea

2013     Wind with no name, Edasoso Art Gallery, Deagu City, Korea

2013     Time and Space, Red Ger Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2012     Mongolia: Now and Then, Fotografica Art Gallery, Norrkoping, Sweden

2011     Private exhibition, Antwerp, Belgium                                                           2011     Contemporary art of Mongolia, European Union Palace, Brussels, Belgium                                                       


Selected Group Exhibitions:

2021     Contemporary art series 03, B Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2020     ART&CONFLICT, Art Exhibition and Competition, 167 artists participated from 65 countries, BILSEMART, Turkey & CAP, India

2020     International Online Art Exhibition and Competition-2020, Kalaratnam Foundation of Art Society, India

2020     The best artwork of the year-2020, The Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

2019     Nord Art International Art Exhibition, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia        

2019     The 8th Northeast Asian Art Exchange and Cultural Industry Forum, Changchun, China 

2019     “Margad-Erdene My Treasure” charity exhibition, MN17 Art Gallery, UB, MN

2018     UB Art Festival, International Art Exhibition, Ulaanbaatar, Mongol

2018     Daejeon International Art Show, Daejeon City, Korea

2018     Golden Brush-12, International Art Exhibition, Ulaanbaatar, Mongol

2017     Arxan International Snow Photography Forum, Arxan, Inner Mongolia 

2016     Qingzhou International Cultural Art Fair, Shandong, China  

2015     Nord Art, International Art Exhibition, Budelsdorf, Germany

2012     3600 Mongolian Art Biennale, Mongolian Modern Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2012     Blue Sun 10years, The Fine Arts Zanabazar Museum, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2012     Earth.Body.Mind, Kathmandu International Art Festival, Kathmandu, Nepal                 

2011     Performance, Shanghai Tang Luxury Event, Hong Kong, China                                                                                          2008        Le Vent Mongol, Saint-Auvent, France 


Publications and Media:

Dream universe and human essence. University of the Humanities. 2011. Pages 92

Don`t be Afraid, Uptown Magazine. June 2011. Pages 81-83

New Face, Ulaanbaatar Magazine. Nov 2011.Pages 66-67

Happiness Captured on Canvas, MONGOLICA Magazine. Winter 2012. Pages 74-79

Contemporary-Metamorphosis, TOIM Magazine. Feb 2016.Pages 50-51

Mongolian Art Debate, GEREG Magazine. June.2016. Page 27

Continuation of Dream, Cosmopolitan Magazine. Sep 2016. Page 77

Freewill-Metamorphosis-Crescendo, Sky team Magazine. April 2017. Pages 30-32

Crescendo, May 2017

What is love? Sep.2020

The Love, IR Aero Magazine. March.2020



2018     1st place, Golden Brush International Art competition, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia 

2017     Lead of youth conferment, Mongolian youth federation, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2015     1st  place Grand Prix, Grand Art-7 Mongolian young artists` competition, Daejeon city Art Association Prize, the 51st Japan Fashion Design Contest, Tokyo, Japan                                 2012     1st place Grand Prix, Tiger Translate international festival, Dubai, United of Arabian Emirate 

2011     Top Honor Prize, Grand Art-3 Mongolian young artists’ competition, Daejeon city Art Association, Korea

2010     Top Honor Prize, Grand Art-2 Mongolian young artists’ competition, Daejeon city Art Association, Korea                            


Member of the Following Organizations:

2010-2013 Member of Nomad Wave performance art group

2011-    Member of Blue Sun Contemporary Art Center

2014-   Member of Union of Mongolian Artist


Art residency:   

2018     The East Asian Curators Visiting Program, Independent Art Venues Berlin & Hamburg, Germany 

2017     Out of Khentii, Land Art Mongolia Residency, Khentii province, Mongolia                       2015     Grand art-7 Residency program, Daejeon, Korea 

2013     Time and Space, Nomadic Art Residency, Arts Council of Mongolia and Korea, Umnugovi province          

2011     Young leaders program, Art council of Mongolia, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia


Art project:

2019   Originator, “Margad Erdene My Treasure” charity exhibition and auction, joined 108 artists, MN17 Art Gallery, Ulaanbaatar, Mongolia

2011   Little sun, project for children with cancer, Cancer center, UB, MN

2006   Bird of Hidden Universe, Photo art, Khuvsgul province, MN